14th April 2009

Helfen Sie mit, dass Tavira in Potugal eine stierkampffrei Stadt wird


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Please help to make yet another city in Portugal an Anti-Bullfighting City | Please write to the Mayor of Tavira, in the Algarve, and ask him to officially declare Tavira an Anti-Bullfighting City

Every year, during the Summer, in the city of Tavira, in the Algarve (coastal region of the South of Portugal), a mobile bullring is set up and a bullfight is staged there – mostly for foreign tourists, who are deceitfully attracted by bullfighting promoters to these bullfights, which are presented as “bloodless” expressions of the local culture. The truth is, however, that bullfights are far from bloodless – they are shockingly bloody and violent, actually – and are certainly not part of the local culture of the Algarve. The harm is, however, done every time a bullfight happens – at least six bulls are viciously tortured, just for fun and as a way to make profit out of animal cruelty.

ANIMAL is urging the Mayor of Tavira to implement a policy of non-authorisation of bullfighting spectacles in Tavira and to do so in the context of a broader and more symbolic decision: making Tavira an officially declared Anti-Bullfighting City.

Please join ANIMAL and urge the Mayor of Tavira to officially declare Tavira an Anti-Bullfighting City. Please send the suggested message below – or write your own message, if you prefer

– to presidente@cm-tavira.pt; ecordeiro@cm-tavira.pt; fviegas@cm-tavira.pt; cbaracho@cm-tavira.pt; lnunes@cm-tavira.pt; asimoes@cm-tavira.pt; jguerreiro@cm-tavira.pt; fbeato@cm-tavira.pt; camara@cm-tavira.pt; gci@cm-tavira.pt; Copying (Cc) campanhas@animal.org.pt into the message.

Please also consider sending and posting a written letter to the President of the Municipality of Tavira, to reinforce your e-mail message, to:

Mr. José Macário Correia
Presidente da Câmara Municipal de Tavira

Câmara Municipal de Tavira
Praça da República
8800-951 Tavira


Suggested Message

Dear Mr. José Macário Correia,
President of the Municipality of Tavira:


I am writing to urge you and the Municipality of Tavira to free your beautiful city from bullfighting. Tavira does not have a permanent bullring and there is no bullfighting tradition in Tavira or anywhere in the Algarve, actually. On the contrary, the fact that at least a bullfight takes place in Tavira every year is only harmful for the good name and reputation of your city, and it is even more harmful for the animals that are tortured in these bullfights. These bulls and Tavira, as a city, would benefit tremendously if you would make the decision of freeing them from the monstrosity of bullfighting.

In Spain, 65 towns have already gone officially anti-bullfighting and the same has happened with three towns in France. In Portugal, Viana do Castelo has already officially taken that step, and the Mayors of Braga and Cascais have also, in the meanwhile, announced that they will no longer authorise bullfighting spectacles in their cities.

I call upon you to officially declare Tavira an anti-bullfighting city, through the implementation of a policy of non-authorisation of bullfighting spectacles in your city – at least as far as municipal licenses and authorisations are required for these to take place.

I have no doubt that taking such a step would hugely benefit Tavira and would make your constituents happy with that measure, which would certainly have positive effects in the next elections. I am also certain that the tourism in Tavira would grown, in face of such a new standing of your city as a modern and progressist city where the torture of animals in a public spectacle is not authorised by the municipality.

I sincerely hope to have the opportunity, in the near future, of seeing you taking such a step and of seeing me and so many thousands more praising you for that.

I will be looking forward for a response from you and I thank you in advance for your attention,

Yours, very respectfully,

[City, Country]
[E-mail address]

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