10th Februar 2010

Bald ein Verbot für den Verzehr von Hund- und Katzenfleisch in China?

Die chinesische Regierung denkt darüber nach, Fleisch von Haustieren von den Speisekarten des Landes zu streichen, jedoch hat dieser Aufruf, Hunde- und Katzenfleisch zu verbieten, für große Entrüstung in den Gebieten gesorgt, wo der Verzehr von diesem Fleisch populär ist. Die Gegner sagen, dass das Verbot lokale Kochtraditionen zerstören würde.

Viele haben sicher die Presseberichten in den Medien gelesen und dsich zu früh gefreut, bis ein Verbot umgesetzt wird kann noch sehr lange dauern, anbei ein Brief von unseren Freunden aus China:

Dear animal lovers,

I guessed you have heard the news coming from China that the draft law of animal protection would be amend and the law which prohibit eating cats and dogs would be add into the draft.

All the animals lovers here in China were thrilled to hear this news, as this is what they are longing for and working really hard to strive for.
Some of our animals lovers even cried because they are so wild in joy, thinking that these defenseless animals friends can be saved finally.

Hardly had we hailed for this change of the draft, an announcement from Dr. Chang shocked and put us down immediately! He claimed that in seeing so many people against the law to prohibit eating cats and dogs, showing by the on-line voting, (which can be easily manipulated) he changed the law again in order to avoid misunderstanding. „We published this draft in order to seek opinions of public.“ said Chang, „It turned out by the on-line survey that many people against it, therefore it is with no doubt that we must change it.“ Now the updated amendment is actually meaningless and everything turns to be Nero again. It states that the law does not make it illegal to eat cats and dogs, and this should be decided by the local government. We know that this is near nothing has been changed in compare with the old version, which is hollow and without giving real protection to animals.

We wonder why he should listen to the opponents and depend completely on this on-line voting? This voting is totally untrustworthy. Those cats and dogs sellers can easily buy the
websites which conducted the survey, which can put on some odd choices in order to mislead the voters and also buy some professional voters too to vote for them repeatedly.

Why does he not care about our opinion? One the the survey on a mainstream Internet show that we win over the opponents!

And above all, this is not a question that need this kind of argument.

A real man will not rely his decision on other people’s opinion, regardless if the others are the majority, but will always focus what is right.
In this case , it is obviously who is right and righteous, those who really care about animals, and who is wrong, those who want to make their profit by abusing animals!

We see no reason why the expert should listen to those cats and dogs sellers and eater’s opinion. Doesn’t he work on our side? Doesn’t he work for the sake of animals? Or just abuse the name of animal protection law to work for the false flag? If the law can not even protect the companion animals which is under our animals lovers‘ scrutinize from being tortured and eaten, how can we expect such a law should give protection to those who are far out of our sight, such those bears, wildlife, farming animals?
We even doubt if the law is design to be a passport of exporting more animals products from China, which meant so much to the country‘ GDP. and which has been blocked by the western world because China do not have any animals protection law.

Please if you can help us animals lovers in China to speak out the truth under the name of Chinese animal lover and let the public knows what is happening here.

We know that you will be on our side and strive for the justice and humanity and fight over cruelty on animals.

Your support is highly appreciated!

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