1st August 2012

Occupy Tordesillas

Wir sind das Volk. Und wir sind mehr. Wir sind des Mordens müde. Müde der Mörder, die sich auf die Freiheit morden zu können berufen. Wir sind des Wartens müde. Wir werden keine Gewalt anwenden, doch wisset, wir sind mehr. Und in uns ruht die Kraft der Gemeinschaft. Vereint Euch mit uns, respektiert uns oder fürchtet uns. Euer ist die Entscheidung.

We are calling upon all citizens against torture and murder to OCCUPY TORDESILLAS the next September 11 in order to prevent it from becoming, yet again, the shame of Spain. El Toro de La Vega tournament is a National disgrace.

The pleas and indignation of activists over the years have been ignored. We now demand that the city of Tordesillas listen to the cries of animal suffering, taking heed of those who would defend the animals.

Government complicity has allowed the murderers of Tordesillas to act with blatant impunity.

The time to change is NOW, and to end this we propose:

The massive mobilization of activists from all parts of Spain to Tordesillas. There must be massive representation on September 11th 2012, occupying the route of the Bull (Volante) and the esplanade where they intend to assassinate Volante in El Toro de la Vega tournament. Activists must resist fearlessly, insisting that the tournament is cancelled for the first time – and permanently.

This is now the time to act, make perfectly clear to those who govern that we are not going to allow further barbarity and atrocites.

We therefore call on the entire movement in defence of animals in Spain, all organizations, groups and anyone who wants to join on September 11, 2012 to occupy Tordesillas – with the intention to remain on site until the tournament is cancelled.


True justice is on our side and if we remain strong and determined we will write a page in the history of the AR Movement in Spain.

Throughout the Country, Liberators will subsequently make their voices heard, demanding the abolition of El the Toro de La Vega tournament and continuing until the abolition of bullfighting throughout the national territory is achieved.

Tordesillas will be the starting point and civil disobedience our best weapon! SOLIDARITY!


Der Ungehorsam ist notwenig wenn wir eine Veränderung wollen und die Tiere brauchen eine Veränderung!


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SOS Galgos - 2012 August 01

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