15th November 2013

Pressemeldung: Mexiko führt den Weg zum Ende der Stierkämpfe an – Die internationale Gemeinschaft fordert México auf, einen Schritt in Richtung einer menschlicheren Gesellschaft zu leisten.


México leads the way towards the end of bullfighting

The International Community asks México to make a step towards a more humane society.

Representatives of over 100 NGO’s from around 30 countries are hopeful in Mexico’s leadership in banning bullfighting.

San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Wednesday, November 14th, 2013

As the protection of animals becomes an increasing matter of concern for millions of people around the world, Mexico seems to be leading the movement to abolish bullfighting.

A growing number of regions and over 100 municipalities around the world have declared themselves bullfighting-free. During the last year, México added 7 municipalities to this list (Fortín de las Flores, Xalapa, Boca del Rio, Córdoba, Veracruz, in the state of Veracruz, Tangancícuaro in Michoacán and the Capital of Durango, in the state of Durango. This adds up to the municipality of Teocelo, Veracruz, which started this movement in the country in 2012. But not only municipalities have taken the step for a bullfighting-free community, even the state of Sonora as a whole has this year declared itself free of this traditional but cruel practice.

And now, a second state in Mexico, San Luis Potosí, is on the verge of also moving towards a more modern and humane society as its parliament is about to vote on an initiative presented by the green party to ban bullfighting in the state. An initiative that is being strongly supported by the broad local antibullfighting movement in the state.
This fact has attracted the attention of the animal protection movement that has joined in an international action by which over 100 NGO’s from around 30 countries sent representatives to San Luis Potosí to hand in a petition to the members of parliament to vote in favor of this initiative.

This delegation has handed the deputies the latest research on the suffering of the bull during the corrida, carried out by a Spanish Association of Veterinarians (AVATMA) and supported by several veterinarian associations around the world.
They have also made a remark on the connection between cruelty towards animals and violence in general. A letter signed by 140 scientists and academics expressing their concern about exposing children to bullfights and the harm it implies to their emotional and moral growth was also handed in.

The bullfighting lobby is also trying to get their interests through to the parliamentarians and only time will tell if this beautiful state of San Luis Potosí in México will continue this trend towards a more humane society where animals are not abused only for the sake of entertainment.


Media Contacts:

Marius Kolff, CAS International, The Netherlands

E-mail: marius@cas-international.org

Marta Esteban, Plataforma La Tortura No Es Cultura, Spain

E-mail: marta@latorturanoescultura.com

Lizbeth Muñoz, Antitauromaquia San Luis Potosí, México

E-mail: antitauromaquiaslp@hotmail.com

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