25th Februar 2018

Neue Enthüllungen über das Galgo-Massengrab

Was bisher geschah: Der Graben des Todes

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Yesterday we returned to the mass grave in Tarancón to take out the bodies of the galgos that, during years, have been thrown there, and to try to find evidence to persecute the perpetrators of this crime. The place, known as The Cut, has been used for more than 20 years to dump galgos no longer wanted by their owners. The volunteers recovered 25 bodies, but for safety reasons it was impossible to reach the deeper layers of the pit, where dozens of galgos were piled up. At least two dogs that I photographed last time I was there, have disappeared. A clear indication that their owners, frightened by the repercussion of the news, have returned to remove the corpses of their dogs. This is interesting because the hunting society always claims that abandoned or killed dogs, are dogs that have been stolen, “as no galguero would treat their dog like that”. But no thief would return for the bodies of the dead dogs, that makes no sense. All points to the galgueros. Go to www.yo-galgo.com to know more.

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SOS Galgos - Neue Enthüllungen über das Galgo-Massengrab

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